I Moved to Backend

A week ago i was offered by Tommy, my CTO, about moving to Vidio-stats team, anchored by Mas Angga. That means i would become a backend engineer. Moving into backend was something i asked since several months ago, while i had one-on-one with Asen, my direct supervisor. The reason just simply i want to learn something new other than Android programming. I'm still (feeling) young and i wanted to sip a taste of other side of the IT world. I had a chance of building Vidio Android CI/CD a while ago, but i want more. So, i said yes without hesitation to Tommy's offer.

A week after that, i had no confirmation by either Tommy or Asen about my movement, so i just assume that maybe they reconsider or canceling it. I'm not surprised, though. Because a month ago i also offered by Tommy about moving into Jalak-chat backend team, but was canceled. The reason was they didn't have engineers to ramp me up. So i just paired with Abdullah and continue our story in Vidio Android about refactoring live streaming. I did remind Asen about the offer before, though.

Just when Abdullah and i was in the middle of our story, Asen came and said that Tommy wanted me to move to backend team. Today. But, unexpectedly, it was not Vidio-stats nor Jalak-chat team, but to Vidio-PNS (Push Notification Service) team, anchored by Meirza. Asen said they need someone with Java experience who can helped them, because at the moment they only had one Java guy and the rest of the backend guys was Ruby engineers. So, their expectation was i can helped them to work with Java. It didn't affect my decision though, as long as it's not Android and they can accept a newbie. However, i felt a little afraid of the expectation since i was not confident by my skills, including Java.

I was paired with Maikel, a senior engineer, in his 30s maybe, who had strong Java and Spring experience. We would work on building quicksilver,  a notification service for Vidio marketing team which could blast a huge load of push messages to a segmented group of users. Though, i felt a bit overwhelmed, still i was excited and looking forward to it.

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