About Me

Hello, there.

My name is Muhammad Arif Rohman Hakim. My friends and coworkers called me Arif, but my family and my childhood friends called me Akim.

I'm a software engineer specialized in Android app development and currently employed at KMKLabs a software company which runs BBM, one of the popular chat app, Vidio, Indonesia's largest video platform and Liputan6, one of Indonesia's most popular news site.

Previously, I worked for GO-JEK, Indonesia's biggest mobile on-demand service app, and worked in many of their products.

If i had to choose two nouns that describe me, they're drawing and computer.

Drawing was admittedly a huge part of my life. It's my passion, hobby, escapism, and meditation. My mother taught me how to draw when i was 5-year old and i began to improve it by myself since then. However, she said that i got my drawing skill from my dad, who never taught me about it at all.

My first encounter with computer was when my dad bought a used Pentium I PC. I was in 5th grade in elementary school at the time. That PC ran Windows 95 and my dad Introduced a new kind of magic that i never seen before, a little piece of software called Ms Paint, which i began to draw with it every day.

I got my interest in programming when My dad bought me and my little brother a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) clone. Our family, My dad, mom, my little brother and I myself, enjoyed playing video games. I was fascinated about how video game could brings joy to my little family. One day, i found a book about making your own video games using Visual Basic at a book festival. I bought it without hesitation and began absorb myself into it. Logic, math, and data. It's a whole new world for me. I dreamed of making my own video game since then.

Despite my passion in drawing, I decided to attend Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya (ITS) in 2011, got a Bachelor Degree in Informatics, and followed my career as a software engineer.

However, i still draws in my spare time. Although i mainly interested in drawing living creatures, i recently began to have interest in architectural and urban sketching. You can see some of my artworks on my Instagram.

Besides drawing, i also have another hobbies which are mountain hiking, book reading, and recently taught myself how to play guitar, though i don't do these things very often.

Nowadays, i currently focused on having more experience in my career as a software engineer. Coded my side-projects after work and dreamed i will create my own apps and made a business out of it someday.

Wow, that was kinda long introduction isn't it?

By wrote this long intro, I hope you can know me better.

You can reach my via my Twitter, or if you prefer the old school way, via email at rohmanhakim[at]live.com.

Well, then, nice to meet you!